In the past, bathroom designs in the ceramic tile industry had to be performed by certified architects who would put in long hours, if not days, of design work. Now, with Kareo®, the design process is simple enough for any sales person to perform in only 5 to 10 minutes. Today, 90% of the industry relies on Kareo for its design needs
Ceramic Tile Manufacturers
Designs that can be completed within 15 to 30 minutes
Visual libraries including tens of thousands of products.
Library of basic structural components.
Access to advanced materials, lighting and camera settings.
Automated updates to software and libraries.
Flexible tiling system.
Relational 3D product hierarchy.
Photorealistic rendering
Tender and Order order Reportsreports.
Big Data, Cloud Rendering, V-Ray Render Engine, Samsung Gear VR, Paralel Processing, Disturbed Rendering,
Load Balancing, MS-IIS, MS-SQL, MS.Net, XML, Open-GL, Delphi, Javascript, Android, Object Oriented, Context Sensitive.
Technical support by telephone and email.
Training Supportsupport.
Software Version version Updatesupdates.
Online Update update Supportsupport.
Online Installation installation Supportsupport.