You can design the most approprate kitchen IKEA to your home within a few minutes. You can design easly your kitchen, tendering and creating photorealistic renders on the cloud system and you can share them.
Web based 3D aplication
Easy to use for your customers
Marketing tool that provides Big Data
Photorealistic renders can be seen through VR
Mobile Compatible
Designs can be completed within 7 minutes
Visual product librares of thousands of products and basic structural compents
Basic structural elements
Relational 3D product hierarchy
Photorealistic Cloud Rendering
Tender and Order Reports
Information sharing portal
Big Data
Big Data, Cloud Rendering, V-Ray Render Engine, Samsung Gear VR, Paralel Processing, Distrubuted Rendering, Load Balancing, MS-IIS, MS-SQL, MS .Net, XML, Delphi, Javascript, Android, Knetic, Web-GL, Object Oriented, Context Sensivtive, HTML 5, CSS 3
Technical support by telephone and email
Training support
Software version Updatess
Online update support
Online installation support