Specially designed for EAE Elektrik company, this mobile app allows users easy access to basic documents related to EAE products and access to most basic EAE applications that streamline product orders and designs.After signing in, users can add products to their shopping basket, create a catalog that designates the specifications of the products they need, or share product lists via email. The app also enables creation of simple 3D Busbar or Interior Wiring System drawings.
Web-based software
Mobile app
Library of tens of thousands of products
Photorealistic cloud rendering
Tender and order reports
Relational 3D product hierarchy
Unity3D, HTML 5, CSS 3, Android, Kinect, Web-GL, Object Oriented, Paralel Processing, Distrubuted Rendering, MS-IIS, MS-SQL, MS .Net, XML, Delphi, Javascript, Context Sensitive.
Software updates.
Online update support