Our Mission

We became an R&D-focused organization in order to create the best possible object- and problem-oriented solutions in the CAD space. We endeavor to develop simple, easy-to-understand, solution-based products instead of complex and demanding designs.

Our Vision

We aim to further improve our CAD framework while creating a wide variety of solutions for different sectors by developing different interfaces for our framework. We also aim to minimize the importation of CAD software by acting as a leading exporter of CAD products and components as we train and bring onboard skilled new CAD software developers.

Our Background

Our team came together in 2005, and, together, we have many years of experience in the CAD sector. We decided to found WHITE CAD after meeting at GOSB Teknopark, and, in the years since, we have implemented numerous digital transformation projects, especially in the sales and marketing sectors. In all our projects, our goal has always been designing excellent user experiences. Our projects consistently win notable awards and receive international recognition.

Why White CAD?

  • We Offer Customized Solutions that Fit Your Needs

    When you choose to work with us, we assign a specialized project manager from among our team members. This expert manager determines your specific needs and tailors a solution exclusively for your project.

  • We Stay Ahead of Changing Technology

    We update and adapt our software continuously to stay one step ahead of today’s changing and always-improving technologies. It’s our job to know about new platforms and to help your company expand its presence in any channel through which you engage clients

  • Our Team Has Expertise in a Wide Variety of Applications

    Our young and dynamic team has a diverse portfolio of CAD software made to run on diverse platforms. We consistently develop and deliver high-performance, cost-efficient applications.

  • We Offer Update Support

    To ensure that our software runs flawlessly with the latest technologies, we provide updates quickly whenever needed.

Participation and Recognition

  • Altın Örümcek 2015 – Best Website of the Year
  • Stevie Awards 2014 – Materials & Construction – Silver Stevie Winner
  • Unicera Trade Fair Participant, 2006 - 2016

What Does White CAD Do?


We help manufacturers increase the smoothness and efficiency of their design process, specially developing 3D design software with our in-house project design teams.


We have thoroughly analyzed over 20,000 projects, all of them collected in our Cloud Rendering environment, enabling us to quickly provide our clients with valuable user insights.


Since 2006, White CAD has worked in partnership with Chaos Software, using our own specifically developed cloud server environment to generate over 20,000 renders each month for Kareo, Seracad, and Kale 360 platforms.


We now develop complete, high quality, cubic panoramic stereo renders in record time, thanks largely to the integration of our cloud rendering system with Samsung Gear VR.


We develop apps for Android and iOS to meet our clients’ specific needs.


Since 2012, White CAD has helmed the Digital Asset Management system for Eczacıbaşı Intema.


Now live, our Kalevizyon application is a VR application integrated with Kareo and Kale360. The features of Kalevizyon and Samsung Gear VR means that the bathrooms designed on Kareo or Kale360 can now be viewed in 3D with only a single click.
Our Vitraelity VR has gone live. Developed for Vitra, this technology is integrated with our Kareo Bathroom Design Application, enabling more efficient, in-depth design possibilities.
WHITE CAD’s collaboration with Kale360.com has been recognized for its excellence. Selected as a finalist from among approximately 3,600 nominees for the Altın Örümcek Awards, Kale360.com went on to be honored as the Best Website in Turkey and won the grand prize. Providing a new user experience through its innovative design, Kale360.com also won first prize in the Retail/Merchandising category.
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